Training for Victory

Last year’s champion, Mr Javier Sarda Perez has been training hard over winter to be at his best for the Vietnam Road Cycling season, and will return to defend his victories on both stages.
Start your training now to be the best you can.

Coupe de Hue Training Camps

Luxury Training Camps Laguna Lang Co will recommence in 2021 to help prepare riders for.
Edition #4 of the CDH, where again we will be joined. by Tour de France winner and multiple World Champion, Mr Cadel Evans.

Your Training

Training for any activity or event increases your capabilities to perform better, and equally important, to have much more fun and enjoyment from your participation.

A cycling event is one where even the smallest amount of training will make a difference.
More training and particularly smarter training will boost your performance and enjoyment dramatically.

The CDH is a truly special event with a world class “HC” category climb on the Laguna Bach Ma KOM of 1250m over 15km, a staggering average of 8.3%, featuring on the Saturday.
This is followed up with the picturesque 140km Gran Fondo (or 70km Super Fondo ) on the Sunday morning.
The Gran Fondo route encompasses another 1800m of climbing whilst the Super Fondo is a much flatter course.

Effective training for the Laguna Bach Ma KOM requires a focused approach.  Simply riding your usual flat routes at the same pace will help a little but to make a bigger difference, you need to add hills.
Riding hills will teach you about gear selection, bike set up, nutrition, and heat management skills.
Riding hills will make you stronger and mentally tougher and will even make you faster on the flats.

Gran Fondo training is a little different as you are required to build the endurance needed to complete the 140km distance over 4, 5, or even 6 hours for some.
The ability to pace yourself, maintain energy levels, and be efficient, while being seduced by the beautiful countryside and the cheering crowds requires a different approach.
Skills such as pack riding and drafting can make a huge difference to your average speeds and the ability to finish much sooner than expected.
Eating and drinking, fueling your body, may seem simple enough at first but requires careful planning and practice to be truly effective.

All training benefits from knowledge, planning, and execution.

Gain these benefits at a CDH Training Camp where you will plan your training schedule, learn the best ways to train, and become a better and happier cyclist.

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