Can I register for only one stage at Coupe de Hue (CdH) ?


Can I register and do one stage and my colleague do the other?

If you buy 2 tickets, yes.

Can I register and only ride one stage? Will I still eligible as Coupe de Hue overall winner?

Yes. Your time of missed stage will be counted as same as last participant of that stage.

I’m a Pro cyclists, can I register as an age grouper?

No, you must register at Open category.

I’m an amateur cyclists, can i register at Open category?

Yes if you dare.

Is this race puntuable for UCI Gran Fondo World Series?

No, but we are working towards this and will update soonest if this changes

Will roads will be closed to traffic?

Authorities confirm it.

Is road surface rideable for road bikes?

Absolutely yes, nice and smooth almost all the way. Authorities are working to have it perfect for race day. Almost identical route to 2019

How to get to Bach Ma from Hue, 43km?

We will be providing buses and trucks from CDH village (Phu Van Lau) early Saturday morning, and same service to come back after time trial. However participants are free to cycle there to warm up, and back also if preferred.

How to get from the airport to Hue?

From Hue airport Taxis and other means of private transport are readily available and not expensive if preferred.

Why directly to CdH Village?

We have prepared a full cyclist village, where you’ll be able drop your bike box and leave it there all weekend (storage room), where we will help you assemble your bike if need it (mechanics), where your bike can sleep safely overnight (24h security), where you’ll be able to drop your luggage on Sunday before the race (bag drop area), get your bike packed and be ready to head to airport! Don’t forget to early check out before Sunday race then!

Which service are on offer at CdH Village?
  • Bike box storage room
  • CdH Mechanics
  • 24h Bicycle park security
  • Bag drop area
  • Toilets
  • Water station
If I leave my bike at bike park, can I take it any time during the weekend?

Yes you can at your convenience.

What minimum age to race?

18 years old

There will be water stops during stage 2?

Yes, we will have water stops for Gran Fondo.

Can I race on with a Mountain bike or any other type of push bicycle?

Yes you can if you dare, but keep in mind stage 2 has a cut off time for safety reasons. If you don’t make it on time, you’ll be disqualified and ask to stop cycling. Transport will be provided to bring you back to CdH village.

If I get disqualified, will I still receive a finisher medal?


How timing will work?

Simple, best time from start to finish on both stages.

Are helmets compulsory?

Yes. No helmet, no racing.

Are tri-bars allowed?

No, they aren’t.

What’s the minimum numbers or riders our team must have to be eligible as team winner?

The number of riders of a team that must cross the finish line of stage 1 and stage 2, to be eligible as CdH Team winner is 3 riders.